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Dryden Montessori is an intimate home based program with a maximum of 12 children. It is located at the end of a quiet cul-du-sac in a lovely family oriented neighborhood off of Yellow Barn road in Dryden. The school ground has a large yard with a play structure for climbing and swinging, as well as sand and water play. Emphasis is placed on our integration with the environment around us. Raking leaves is popular in the fall. In the winter the children build forts and snowmen and sled down the small slope in the backyard.

Inside is a large, brightly lit and beautifully classroom prepared with fascinating learning materials, books, art, music, plants and animal life. Children move freely selecting work that captures their interest rather than participating all day in lessons or projects directed by the teacher.  Teachers can be spotted presenting individual or small group lessons, calmly advising a child or quietly observing the class in work process.

Field trips are scheduled throughout the year for various learning excursions.

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