Our program is modeled after the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. She was a world renowned children's educator and founder of the original children's school called the "Casa Dei Bambani" or Children's House. In addition, we have infused concepts of health and wellness into the curriculum along with the specials of foreign language, art and music. We offer parent workshops on child development, nutrition and their relationship to health, growth and energy. 

With a convenient location between Cornell and TC3, children from all over the Ithaca, Dryden and Cortland area come to Dryden Montessori School to explore and grow as they discover the joy of learning. A Montessori school "children's house" is a warm and nurturing child sized environment. It is filled with intriguing learning materials, plants, animals, books, art and music. It is carefully prepared and designed to meet the needs of children as they seek to expand to their personalities, gain independence, and stimulate growth of mind, body and spirit. 

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