Daily Routine

9:00-9:20 First Circle.

Everyone gathers to share songs and group instruction.

9:20-11:15 Morning Work Period.

Children move freely though the classroom and have the opportunity to select work that interests them.  Teachers provide lessons and instruction in new materials on an individual basis.  A healthy snack is available.

11:15-11:35 Second Circle.

Music on Monday, food tasting on Tuesday and French language on Wednesday.

11:45-12:30 Playtime Recess
- Noon dismissal for half day children

12:30-1:15 Lunchtime

Hands are washed and the children enjoy lunchtime together.

1:15 Story time.

1:30-3:00 Naptime / afternoon work period.

The younger children settle down for a nap, while the older children choose activities from the prepared environment.


3:00-3:30 Wake up, clean up, outside play time, then 3:30 dismissal

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